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down in the desert spazio musicale

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4 anni 9 mesi ago


Quicksilver Messenger Service - Mona

Terry & the pirates - Follow her around

True west - Steps to the door

Danny & Dusty - Songs for dreamers

The Serfers - Green on red

Green on red - The drifter

28th Day - This train

Cyclops - Alice

The Chills - Pink frost

Dirty three - Indian love song

Thin white rope - Thing

Durata 59m 54s

down in the desert spazio musicale

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4 anni 10 mesi ago



Kendra Smith-Bold marauder

Hope Sandoval-Where did you run to

The Warlocks-Shake the dope out

The Black Angels-Sniper at the gates of heaven


Tuxedo Moon-James whale

Harvestman-World ash

Russ Tolman-Solitary man


House of Freaks-Whipping boy

Thin White Rope-Diesel man

Kyuss-One inch man

Durata 1h 2m 24s

down in the desert 6 spazio musicale

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5 anni ago


Grant Lee Buffalo – Homespun
Shiva Burlesque -- Indian summer
Red Temple Spirits - Exorcism/ Waiting for the sun
Dream Syndicate – Halloween
Thin White Rope – Down in the desert
The Long Ryders – And she rides
Destroy all monsters – Nobody knows
Savage Republic – Film noir
Mercury Rev – Blue and black
Big Star – Kangaroo
Galaxie 500 – Ceremony

Durata 1h 1m 20s