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PROVE TECNICHE DI TRASMISSIONE Playlist and Download 19/11/14

Data di trasmissione

HYDRONE:1)Carefully And Patiently (We Are Counting Time);2)Passing Time


PAN SONIC/ALAN VEGA:3)Resurrection River;4)I Got Wheels, I Got Nails


VOMITO NEGRO:5)Obsession;;6) In Silent Places


MORTAJA:7)Behind The Line;8)Labyrinth


DER BLAUE REITER:9)Conspiracy;10) L’Adieu Du Silence Part II


THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS:11)16.3 (Fever Fever/The Abduction Of Henry)


PHARMAKON:12)Body Betrays Itself;13)Primitive Struggle;14)Autoimmune

 Ogni mercoledì su RADIO ONDA ROSSA di Roma 87.9 in fm dalle 21.00 alle 22.30 in PROVE TECNICHE DI TRASMISSIONE(Elettronica,Industrial,). Il venerdì invece dalle 15.30 alle 1700 , DISORDER(New wave,Gothic,Elettronica...)per lo streaming