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PROVE TECNICHE DI TRASMISSIONE 21/01/15 Playlist and Download

Data di trasmissione

SUPERSIMMETRIA:1)Pale Blue Dot;2)Ascending (Worms Of The Earth Mix)

TYPHOID:3) Spazio1981;4) 1.37 Beta

DEUTSCH KATHOLISCHE FEINDSCHAFT:5)Lärmpegel Minimum;6)Lärmpegel Eins

RAISON D'ETRE:7)Moulding And Destruction II;8)Mourn Him Yet

DESIDERII MARGINIS:9)Chaos Undivided;10)Latency

SCHRAGE MUSIK (6 COMM):11)Reap The Whirlwind;12)Eternity Battle Mix

GENOCIDE ORGAN:13)Your Skin;14)God Sent Us I

BRIGHTER DEATH NOW:15)To Die Lullabye;16)In The Shadows Of Death