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Prove Tecniche Di Trasmissione Playlist and Podcast 01/04/15

Data di trasmissione

PHILIPP MUNCH/LOSS:1)Whatever Happened In The Dark ;2)  Monster Maker


SATURMZLIDE:3)WH1SDF; 4) Man On A Mission


MONO AMINE:5)Combustion




COPH NIA:7)Homo Sapien :8)All My Filth


GRONGE:9)La Canzone D'Autore;10)La Morte Non Serve A Niente;11)Lagostina


SATANISMO CALIBRO 9:12)Manifestation Of Kymah;13)Waters Of Return


WERTHAM:14)Bring It Back! (Patriarchy);15)Tell Me The Truth;16)Lady D-Anal