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PROVE TECNICHE DI TRASMISSIONE Playlist and Podcast 17/06/2015

Data di trasmissione

AH CAMA-SOTZ:1)Isfahan (2015 Version)

SUPERSIMMETRIA:2)Aurorae;3)Eridanus Supervoid

MOATA OMEN/THE RORSCHACH GARDEN:4)Beyond All Visible;5)(Y)Our Nightmares;6)Frantic Vision

AUTHOR and PUNISHER:7) Flesh Ants

GREYHOUND:8)Rhythm And Schlagstrom

INFANTRY:9)The Coming Storm;10)With The Blood Of The Fallen

GIANLUCA BECUZZI:11)Unholy Ritual I - I

WHITEHOUSE:12)Prosexist;13)On Top (New Version);14)Pissfun

CON-DOM:15)For Heroes