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PROVE TECNICHE DI TRASMISSIONE Playlist and Podcast 16/03/16

Data di trasmissione
LYKE WAKE:1)Fall Of The Corrupt(Parte1)
DAVID STEVENS:2)A Sudden Gust Of Wind
MICROLOOP:3)Three Talking Shadows(Ouverture)
SVART1:4) Clisma Bissau;5)Alu
DRESDEN '45:6)Fire Destroyed The Rest Of The Corps
NURSE WITH WOUND:7)Chasing The Carrot
There's Always Another Illusion
Stewing The Red Herring
GENOCIDE ORGAN:8)Operacion Causa Justa;9)Kaibil;10)Todo Por La Patria
L'IDIOT DU VILLAGE:11)Berlin;12)Chemnitz;13)Kottbuss;14)Gdansk