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Prove Tecniche Di Trasmissione Playlist and Podcast 20/04/16

Data di trasmissione

MUSHROOM'S PATIENCE:1)Softly Amputees # 3;2)Softly Amputees # 4

SCANNER DARKLY:3)Orca studies # 7

PULSEWIDTH:4)A Terrible Fact Concerning Your Lovely Japan Fantasy

I.R.O.N.:5)Hammer Down. Build Up;6)Assemblage / Convoys

CURRENT 93:7)The Long Shadow Falls;8)All The Pretty Little Horsies;9)The Inmost Night

APATHEIA:10)By Strife;11)One Two Three;12)Our Time

ZOLTOF EVRA:13)Bloodstains Misoginy

SHE SPREAD SORROW:14)Dense And Lustful

PUCE MARY:15)No Memory;16)Slow Agony Of A Dying Orgasm

PHARMAKON:17)Pitted;18)Crawling On Bruised Knees