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Prove Tecniche Di Trasmissione Playlist and Podcast 27/04/16

Data di trasmissione

SP3CT3RS:1)The Remains

FARNLODGE:2)Beyond The silver Sky

MUSHROOM'S PATIENCE:3)Subconsciousness Thrill;4)Tearing The Place Down (Piece By Piece)

I.R.O.N.:5)Mechanic State;6)Destroy

CURRENT 93:7)This Carnival Is Dead And Gone;8)The Bloodbells Chime;9) Calling For Vanished Faces II

APATHEIA:10)Mirth;11)Mr. Brown Looks Awfully Pale Today;12)Spectator

WERTHAM:13)Morte a Credito(Short Version)


I-C-K:15)War's Incubation (Part 1);16)Violent Belief

ATRAX MORGUE:17)Toys and Razorblades;18)Ed Kemper Mother's Head;19)Rotten Humanity