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PROVE TECNICHE DI TRASMISSIONE Playlist and Podcast 22/06/16

Data di trasmissione
Durata 1h 30m 1s

STORMFAGEL:1)Och Slamme Ovänner;2)Gengangare

WUORNOS AILEEN COMPLEX:3)3)Early Treatment Of Mental Disorders


MICHAEL IDEHALL:5)Yoni;6)Nagelfar

THOROFON:7)Roots;8)Stone Against Head

LE MODERNISTE:9)Ritual II - Viscus;10)Sombre Dessein

THROBBING GRISTLE:11)Very Friendly (Part 2)

DITHER CRAF:12) Impossible Music 6;13) Impossible Music 8;14) Impossible Music 9

ATRAX MORGUE:15) More Blood [unreleased version];16)Small Hands On a Rock ;17)Penetration