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Prove Tecniche Di Trasmissione Playlist and Podcast 06/07/16

Data di trasmissione
Durata 1h 40m 1s

FJERNLYS:1)Trunkene Flut 
2) Lunar Sphere

MAURIZIO CARRETTIN (Maurizio Carrettin):3)- Inner Symphony. Featuring Vanessa Tagliabue

LYKE WAKE ( Tadayuki Okada Lyke Wake):4) Testament of pain (prelude)

DIE FORM:5)Tension / Base 
6)Toys 1 
7)Blister 1

MICHEAL IDEHALL:8)Nightmare;9)Howlings

LE MODERNISTE ( Laurent Lemoderniste Del):10)Liber Diaboli 
11) Pestis

STRATVM TERROR(Peter Andersson):12)Transcent Vexation;13)Shattered Skins

DISSECTING TABLE:14) I Would Like To Be ...

WHITEHOUSE:15)Ravensbruck;16)Viking Section;17)Active Force