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Disorder 13/03/17

Data di trasmissione
Durata 1h 35m 1s DIVISIONE SEHNSUCHT:1)Apollon Musagete 2) White Horse 3) When Horses Die Giovanni Leo Leonardi HAPAX:4)Desert;5)Silent Sign Of Surrender 6) Cave Michele Mozzillo POSITION PARALLELE Geoffroy Position-Parallèle 7)À l'Assassin;8)Silence Et Grésillement 9)Rasoir Jetable MARTIAL CANTEREL:10)Consulates (demo) 11) No Strategy;12)Catalog THE FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON:13) Voyeur 14 Seq/-9 15 Exerting Force Or Influence 16 Symphony For Halia 17 Imagined Friends 18 Electric Pastrol IMMINENT/SYNAPSCAPE:19)Transforming System;20)The Society Of Lost Androids Philipp Ruprecht Münch UNIVERSAL INDICATOR:21)Untitled SYNTH-ETIK:22)Anonymous Münch