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DISORDER Playlist/Podcast 19/11/18

Data di trasmissione
1 giorno 15 ore ago

SOL INVICTUS:1)Jardin Du Luxembourg;2) The Day Of The Angel

PERE UBU:3)Thriller!
4)I, Will Wait

AH CAMA SOTZ:5)Signal / Noise / Resistance
6)El Cuerpo, Mild As A Teardrop On A Grave

POST CONTEMPORARY CORPORATION:7)Manzotin Mantra(Remix – Sandblasting);8)Manzotin Mantra(Remix – Obsil)

10) The Fluid

12)Bitter End

14)No Fright

END.USER:15)Can't Breathe (Redhat Remix)

ISZOLOSCOPE:16)Spirit Intrusion (MF Cut)

DISORDER Playlist/Podcast 12/11/18
Data di trasmissione
1 settimana 1 giorno ago
Mar, 13/11/2018 - 08:42

SOL INVICTUS:1)Cupid and Death

PERE UBU:2)Navvy ;3)On The Surface;4)Dub Housing

POST CONTEMPORARY CORPORATION:5) Hidalgo De Bragueta (Ulderico Muñoz y Muñoz Del Caramuzal);6)Manzotin Mantra(Remix – TourdeForce)

THE KLINIK:7)Shallow Pit

DECREE:9)Never Nearer
10)Darkness Visible

AH CAMA SOTZ:11)Lords Of Evil


DIVE:14)Blue Watters

AMBASSADOR 21:15)Paranoia
16) Remedy For Solitudes

DISORDER Playlist/Podcast 05/11/18
Data di trasmissione
2 settimane 1 giorno ago
Mar, 06/11/2018 - 08:40

SOL INVICTUS:1)The Yew;2)La Croix(Live)

POST CONTEMPORARY CORPORATION:3)Bob Marley Era Una Brutta Persona;4)Heimat (Occidentali Esausti)

MATTATOIO5:5)Walking in the garden

THE KLINIK:6)Liquid Moon;7)The Mirror

DECREE:8)Fire Of Offering
9) Madness Unveiled
10) Talons Grasp

ORBITAL:11) Dream Again
12) There Will Come A Time

14) The Neglect of Experiment

AMBASSADOR 21:15)Last People;16)Skyphes

DISORDER Playlist/Podcast 29/10/18
Data di trasmissione
3 settimane 1 giorno ago
Mar, 30/10/2018 - 08:36

SOL INVICTUS:1)Double Cross
2) Come The Horsemen

DISH IS-NEIN:3)Eva;4)Finale

MATTATOIO5:5) Mali;6)Untitled

THE KLINIK:7)Perdurabo
8)The Wave

DECREE:9)Delusion;10)The Last Day

ORBITAL:11)Fun With The System;12)Dressing Up In Other People's Clothes

14) 1951
15) Archetypes of Decay (HELL is all we got remix)

AMBASSADOR 21:16) Fuck All Systems
17 Little Freedom

DISORDER Playlist /Podcast 15/10/18
Data di trasmissione
1 mese ago
Mar, 16/10/2018 - 11:10

2 ) The Fool

DISH -IS-NEIN:3)L'Ultima Notte
4)Macht Frei

MATTATOIO5:5)Because of you ;6)Cheap pop

H501L:7)The Lords Of The Nymphs

THE KLINIK:8)Don't Look Back
9) Death Is A Gift

ORBITAL:10) Kaiju
11) A Long Way From Home
12) Analogue Test Oct 16

DISORDER Playlist/Podcast 08/10/18
Data di trasmissione
1 mese 1 settimana ago
Mar, 09/10/2018 - 08:47

DISH-IS-NEIN:1)La Chiave Della Libertà

WIRE:3)This Time;4)Silver/Lead

BIKINI DEATH RACE:5)Fuck Off And Die ;6)Time Machine

ORBITAL:7)Vision OnE;8)There Will Come A Time


HIDE:10)Come Undone;11)Fucked (I Found Heaven)

13) Failing Monuments

APHEX TWIN:14)MT1 t29r2;15)Pthex

DISORDER Playlist/Podcast 01/10/18
Data di trasmissione
1 mese 2 settimane ago
Mar, 02/10/2018 - 08:52

ARGINE:1)Orizzonte Immaginario
2) Passaggi - Inconscio Evocativo

WIRE:3)Forever & A Day;4)Sonic Lens

BIKINI DEATH RACE:5)Zombie Posers ;6)Don't Talk ;7)Party Animals

H501L:8)Italian (Italo Version);9) Leader Of the Pack

ORBITAL:10)Hoo Hoo Ha Ha;11)P.H.U.K.

HIDE:12)Close Your Eyes
13)Wear Your Skin

APHEX TWIN:14)T69 Collapse
15)1st 44

ESA:16)I Want It Now

DISORDER 24/09/18 Playlist /Podcast
Data di trasmissione
1 mese 3 settimane ago
Mar, 25/09/2018 - 08:28

ART ABSCONS:1)Wiederkehr;2)Ruhe

ARGINE:3)Effetto Boke
4) Vorrei - Manifesto

WIRE:5)Playing Harp For The Fishes
6)Short Elevated Period

BIKINI DEATH RACE:7)Celestico ;8)The Rabbit Hole

H501L:9)Dove vai tutta sola

HIDE:10)Fall Down
11) Bound/Severed

ESA:12)Then Follow Me

ONTAL:13)Mehanizam (New Frames Remix);14)Shock (Unhuman Remix);15)Function (Geistform Remix)

DISORDER Playlist /Podcast 17/09/18
Data di trasmissione
2 mesi ago
Mar, 18/09/2018 - 08:37

ART ABSCONS:1)Les Sentiers Éternels’;2)Lichtpunkt Des Schwebens

ARGINE:3)Fragile;4) L'Attesa;5)Sulle Macerie

POLEMICA:6)Breach;7) Welcome to the Show

BUNUEL:8)Augur;9)Where You Lay

QUAL:10)On My Death Bed
11)Existential Nihilism

ESA:12)That Beast

ONTAL:13)Lesion;14)Function (Geistform Remix)

WIELORYB:15)Empty;16)Time Out

DISORDER 03/09/18 Playlist/Podcast Primo Appuntamento della Stagione!!
Data di trasmissione
2 mesi 2 settimane ago
Mar, 04/09/2018 - 08:27

1)Die Schwarzen Schlüssel
2)Das Buch Des Gesetzes
3)Agelstern Varwe

STRENGTH THROUGH JOY:4)The Bridge;5)A Grave For Burning Wings

POLEMICA:6)Silly Me ;7)Morning Fight ;8)Need More Time

BUNUEL:9)The Sanction

QUAL:10)How Many Graves ? ;11)Above Thee Below Thee

ESA:12) Carry The Noose

ONTAL:13)Lesion;14)Chaos Theory

WIELORYB:15)God Loves You;16) I Want Fee

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