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Kingston Sound

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Durata 1h 13m 31s

Nella puntata di oggi facciamo un tuffo in Giamaica alla scoperta dei più influenti gruppi reggae giamaicani.

La scaletta:

The Wailers - Burnin' and Lootin'

The Wailers - Duppy Conqueror

The Melodians - Little Nut Tree

The Melodians - You Have Caught Me

The Paragons - On The Beach

The Paragons - Wear You To The Ball

The Maytals - Daddy

The Maytals - Never You Change

The Gladiators - Rearrange

The Gladiators - Roots Natty

Culture - Behold

Culture - Get Ready To Ride The Lion To Zion

The Congos - Fisherman

The Congos - Congoman

The Viceroys - See Dem A Come Deh

The Viceroys - Sometimes

Black Uhuru - Black Uhuru Anthem

Black Uhuru - Solidarity

Black Uhuru - Chill Out