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PROVE TECNICHE DI TRASMISSIONE 21/10/20(Industrial, Ambient,Noise)

Data di trasmissione
AIMA AND THE ILLUSION OF SILENCE:1) To the Sea - Θαλάσσες θυμίαμα
2) To Victory - Νίκης θυμίαμα
KSVLKSV: 3) Flux Density (Black Body Edit)
OMORI: 4) I didn't realize how fast it all ceased to be
LOO(P)CY/ MICHAEL BONAVENTURE: 5)Dying star; 6) Night of Revelation;7) Flood
PRURIENT: 8) Choir Of Vampires
9) Obituary Bright Moon
ROME: 10) L‘Espoir Du Monde ;11) Der Flaneur; 12) Der Flaneur
13) La Jeunesse
14) Gott Ohne Reich
15) Le Noble
DIE FORM: 16) Freitag 13 (Live)
17) Observations Cliniques
HAUS ARAFNA: 18) Sieh Mich An [Wenn Du Stirbst]
19) Deine Liebe [Durchdringt Die Welten]
20) Erwache In Angst [Schwarzer Strom II]
TAINT: 21) Rosebud
22) Boyrape