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PROVE TECNICHE DI TRASMISSIONE 04/11/20(Industrial,Ambient;Noise)

Data di trasmissione
AIMA AND ILLUSION OF SILENCE: 1) The Thuriis Tablet ;2) To Death. Θανάτου θυμίαμα
ANNA VON HAUSSWOLFF: 3) Theatre Of Nature ;4) Dolore Di Orsini
THE BLEACH: 5) Wehr Kardoon
GREGORIO BARDINI: 6) Invocazione Di Giuliano Kremmerz
ORIENT EXPRESS: 7) In Articulo Mortis
NOISE CLUSTER: 8) A Living Hell ; 9) Disappearing
TESTING VAULT: 10) Life Is A Smiling Falling Comet ; 11) Dust And Teeth On The Floor
DANIELE CIULLINI: 12) Pills And Walls; 13) Control and Obedience
NAVA SPATIALA: 14) Moratile Canopsole Peltinarium
TAINT: 15) Blood Action; 16) New to shit Scene ; 17) Asswomb