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J Dilla & Nujabes

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The Jam - A Tribe Called Quest

The Light - Common

Feel Like Makin' Love - D'Angelo

What it's All About - Slum Village, Busta Rhymes

It's Like That - J Dilla 

Bye. - J Dilla

If I Was Your Mic - Substancial 

Horn in the Middle - Nujabes

Feather (feat. Cise Starr & Akin from CYNE) - Nujabes, Cise Starr, Akin

Thank you  (feat. Apani B) - Nujabes, Apani B

Rainyway Back Home - Nujabes

Perfect Circle - Nujabes

Luv (sic.) pt3 (feat. Shing02) - Nujabes, Shing02