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Bruce Springsteen - Thunder Road

Modern Lovers - Roadrunner

Patti Smith - Gloria: In Excelsis Deo

Sumo - La Rubia Tarada

Arctic Monkeys - The View From The Afternoon

Dinosaur Jr - Little Fury Things

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Just Like Honey

Talk Talk - Myrrhman

Silver Jews - Random Rules

Nuove uscite Discografiche - Incendio Studi Universal

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Shellac - Spoke

Sleater-Kinney - Hurry On Home

The Dream Syndacate - Put Some Miles On

Vagabond - Flood Hand

Anderson .Paak - King James

Bill Callahan - 747

Fire! Orchestra - (Beneath) The Edge of Life

Bob Dylan - Simple Twist of Fate

The Roots - It Just Don't Stop

Etta James - At Last

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme, Pt. IV, Psalm


Dr. John

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Mac Rebenack - Storm Wearing

Dr. John - I Walk on Guilded Splinters

Dr. John - Stack-A-Lee

The Band - Such a Night (ft. Dr. John)

Dr. John - The Nearness of You

Dr. John - Wade: Hurricane Suite: Calm in The Storm

Dr. John - Mack the Knife

Dr. John - Big Shot

Dr. John - Right Place Wrong Time (live)

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From Scotland With Love

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Orange Juice - Falling and Laughing (Postcard version)

Josef K - It's Kinda Funny

Primal Scream - Velocity Girl

Simple Minds - I Travel 

The Pastels - Truck Train Tractor

Ac Dc - Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be (Live)

The Vasilenes - Son of a Gun

Durata 1h 28m 53s