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DISORDER 29/06/20 (Gothic;Electronics)

Data di trasmissione
2 settimane ago
SPIRYT:1)It's Too Late;2) Your Slow End
CHRISTINE PLAYS VIOLA:3)The Earth is Definitely Doomed;4)Showdown At The Mirror
STALINGRAD VALKYRIE:5) Heiliger Regen;6)Martyrium Europae;7)Nordanx
CNTRLVX:8)Emulsione;9)Piano Sequenza
BOUGANVILLE:10)Erzulie;11)Bad Hab

DISORDER 09/03/20

Data di trasmissione
4 mesi ago


SPIRYT:2)Naja Dance;3)Derive Nocturne

NOT MOVING:4)Baron Samedi

BLAUE REITER:5)A Correct Adulation Of Himself

DOUGLAS McCHARTY:6)Nothing After This

H501L:8)Atrium Ventricle

CABARET VOLTAIRE:9)The Message. An Original Hollywood Theme

DECREE:10)The Prey
11)The World Enslaves

ALEC EMPIRE:12)The Robot Put A Voodoospell On Me

Durata 1h 34m 23s