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DISORDER Playlist and Download 30/01/15

Data di trasmissione

AND ALSO THE TREES:1)Slow Pulse Boy ;2) Maps In Her Wrists And Arms


ODESSA:3)Dark Inside ;4) Attente


LOOP:5)Thief Of Fire / Thief (Motherfucker)


THE FROZEN AUTUMN:6)Guardian Angel ;7) Concavo - Convex


PARADE GROUND:8)A Day At The Park (Live);9)Hollywood (Live)


BORGHESIA:10)Am I? ;11) In Black




RASPUTEEN:13)Neue Zeiten, Neue Sieger;14)Männer Und Frauen;15)Blumen Giessen Vergessen


WINTERKALTE:16)Deep Sea Defenders (Live At Maschinenfest 2012)