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DISORDER Playlist and Podcast 24/04/15

Data di trasmissione
Durata 1h 50m

LITFIBA:1)Guerra ;2) Luna


THE SOUND:3)Winning;4)  Sense Of Purpose;5)The Fire


IN DEATH IT ENDS:6)Thematic;7)Awakening


A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS:8)Supermaster;9)  Straight;10)  Love High


LEBANON HANOVER:11)The Chamber ;12) The Well;13)Chimerical


LAIBACH:14)Koran (Alex Smoke Remix);15)Resistance Is Futile (Function Remix)


8.58(PAUL HARTNOLL):16)Villain;17)The Clock


LEFTFIELD:18)Storm 3000 ;19) Open Up


THE PRODIGY:20)Ibiza; 21) Destroy ;22) Wild Frontier