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DISORDER Playlist and Podcast 13/07/15

Data di trasmissione

THE FROZEN AUTUMN:1)This Time;2)Scent Of Innocence

LETATLIN:3)The Railway Man;4)De Appel;5)Rabbit

MARBRE NOIR:6)Earth Under Feet;7)Love Broke Through;8)Mirrors

NO CARE:9)La Doppia faccia;10)Collapse Of The World

A.F.D.A:11)Folklorismu;12)Sa Groria a mesu Schina

100BLUMEN:13)Is Anything Wrong ?;14)Piano Und Streicher;The Pressure

BORGHESIA:15)Game's Over;16)Scum

HYPERCUBE:17)Fast Food In Tokyo;18)Pan Pot Jungle


HEZZEL:20)Blind Spot