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PROVE TECNICHE DI TRASMISSIONE Playlist and Podcast 27/01/2016

Data di trasmissione
YOUNG GODS:1)Ophiushi;2)Pompom Girl
PHARMAKUSTIK:3)Pathological Modulation
D.B.P.I.T.And FRIENDS:5)Children At Play(Feat Xxena);6)No Way Out(Feat. Xxena)
DEUTSCH NEPAL:7)Python;8)Alcohology Minor
MORTHOUND:9)The Munich Manual;10)Disembodied Voices
LIBEREZ:11)How Much For Your Brother;12)...Of Blood
UNCODIFIED and SATANISMO CALIBRO 9:13)Orgon 1 - The Truth Speaks In Tongues
FECALOVE:14)Beer;15)Shiny Crystal Blue