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Disorder 25/07/16 Playlist and Podcast

Data di trasmissione

E.R.P. (Exit Refugium Peccatorum):1)Avatares;2)Solaris

LIMBO:3)Here Comes The Hell;4)Death Song

XENO AND OAKLANDER:5)Baroque;6)Palms

SILENT SIGNALS:7)Supernova Party People
8) Dark Love
9) Cosmic Shadows

ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL:10)Into The Light (Beat & Bass Version);11) Forbidden Games (Unreleased Demo)

LE SYNDICAT ELECTRONIQUE:12)A Weight Of Despair;13)Murder City;14)Since

MONOLITH:15) Domination;16) Bridges

HYPNOSKULL:17)Soho (Die Nacht Findet Nicht Mehr Statt) ;18)Gegen Verführung