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DISORDER Playlist And Podcast 19/9/16

Data di trasmissione
Durata 1h 33m 1s

ERP:1)Laggiu',Lontano Nel Futuro

ROME:2)The Hyperion Machine
3)Celine In Jerusalem;4)The Alabanda Breviary

SNEERS.:5)As A Crowd Of Selfish Victims We Were Given Unspoiled Souls;6)As A Creator I Bet You Did Create Disease

THE JUGGERNAUTS:7)The Juggernauts Are Coming;8)Plastic World

10)Tanzmusik (Sneakers Dunkle Phase Ajustment)

LE SYNDICAT ELECTRONIQUE:11)L'Amour D'un Traître;12)Losing Our Control
13) Everytime

MONOLITH:14)Religion Of Peace
15)Together As One
16)Bridges (Dmitry Distant Remix)

TRACKLOGISTS:17)Suicide With Plastic Gun (Sixteen Shots)