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ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO:1)Hell Is Where The Heart Is - The Gospel Of Tomas;2)Three Is An Orgy, Four Is Forever

ATARAXIA:3)Nocturnal Euthanasia
4)Teuflische Mosaikarbeit

6) A Spire Points At the Heavens
7) Kissing The Ground

SELOFAN:8)Litany Against Fear

ADULT:10)Into The Drum
11)We Are A Mirror

THIS MORN'OMINA:12)Kachina Red (The End Of The World);13)Moksha

S.K.E.T.:14)New Dawn
15) Prepare For The Inevitable Struggle

ALEC EMPIRE:16)Take Away;17)Come On, Fight You Punk! - 18)I Am Going Insane Without Your Love