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DISORDER Playlist/Podcast 16/10/17

Data di trasmissione

ZUCCA:1)Regresso (Radio Edit);2)Patetici (Radio Edit);3)Non chiedere (Radio Edit)

THE ENEMY WITHIN:4)Apocalypse;5)Cold Flame

7)Mezzo;8)Doctor Insane

KRAFTWERK:9)Trans Europa Express
10) Abzug
11) Metall Auf Metall

SUICIDE COMMANDO:12)We Are Transitory
13) Death Lies Waiting (Nigen Remix)

KETvECTOR:14) We'll Be Fine;15) Forgotten Time

ANCIENT METHODS:14)The Standards Will Come And Go
15)It Won’t Take Me

DIRTY K:16)No One Can Save You From Yourself