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Durata 1h 56m 25s
la playlist:
sonic youth - disconnection notice
grails - empty chambers
grails - new prague
tool - eon blue apocalypse
tool - the patient
korn - faget
neurosis - to waht end?
l'ira del baccano - abilene (the trip to)
melvins - flaming creatures
melvins + j. biafra - in every dream home a heartache (roxy music)
henrietta collins (h. rollins) - i have come to kill you
misfits - the hunger
the jon spencer blues explosion - cool vee
the bone machine - io sono tutto ciò che ho
wendy ?! - idols and gods
blood 77 - homeless
pavement - two states
billy breg - why we build the wall
tortoise - hot coffee
the international noise conspiracy - under a communist moon