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DISORDER Playlist/Podcast 19/11/18

Data di trasmissione

SOL INVICTUS:1)Jardin Du Luxembourg;2) The Day Of The Angel

PERE UBU:3)Thriller!
4)I, Will Wait

AH CAMA SOTZ:5)Signal / Noise / Resistance
6)El Cuerpo, Mild As A Teardrop On A Grave

POST CONTEMPORARY CORPORATION:7)Manzotin Mantra(Remix – Sandblasting);8)Manzotin Mantra(Remix – Obsil)

10) The Fluid

12)Bitter End

14)No Fright

END.USER:15)Can't Breathe (Redhat Remix)

ISZOLOSCOPE:16)Spirit Intrusion (MF Cut)