DISORDER Playlist and Podcast 25/02/19

Data di trasmissione
Durata 1h 44m 1s

TALK TALK:1)Such a Shame

ANNA VON HAUSSWOLFF:2)The Book;3)Gloomy Sunday

ROME:4)Who Only Europe Know;5)Fliegen Wie Voegel

PSYCHO KINDER:6)Segrete Edificazioni;7)Il Tramonto dell'Evidente;8)Vuoto Insostenibile

THE LUST SYNDICATE:9)One Creed;10)Deserted Future

ORBITAL:11)Satan;12)Hoo Hoo Ha Ha

TERENCE FIXMER:13)Accelerate

ANCIENT METHODS:15)Crack And Collapse In The Storm Of Lights;16)Omen’s Duty

EXAGONAL:17)Crying Faces;18)Hyper Hole