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DISORDER Playlist/Podcast 18/03/19

Data di trasmissione

ABRACADARAB:1)It turns inside you ;2)Hangman

PINK TURNS BLUE:3)A Moment Sometimes
4)When The Hammer Comes Down

PSYCHO KINDER:5) Vivo E Invisibile (Miro Snejdr Remix)
6) Inviolabili E Sacri;7)Viaggio Allucinato

THE LUST SYNDICATE:8) The Word Of God (Is His Sperm)
9) Capitalism As Religion Pt. 2


EXAGONAL:12)The Slicer ;13)Discount;14)My Little Bear

THE HORRORIST:15)Programmed
16)For Whom Betrays
17)How Do We Get Revenge
18)Lay On Me

MDD:19) Intro
20) Crushed