DISORDER Playlist / Podcast 17/06/19

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Durata 1h 40m 1s

THE YOUNG GODS:1)You Gave Me A Name

SIMON DREAMS IN VIOLET:3)Lestat;4)Insanity (Decay version)

THE KVB:5)Afterglow;6)Into Life;7)Live in Fiction

BOY HARSHER:8)Crimea;9)Love

FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY:10)Eye On You;11)Arbeit

THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS:12)Gravity Drops;13)The Universe Sent Me

NEW FRAMES:14)Mumiae;15)The Last Ones

GATTO NERO:16)Boogie Nights

S.K.E.T.:17)Wrong Way Ticket To  Bagdad (Give Peace Remix)