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I love rock'n' roll

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BRING ME SHINE – The Krueggers Album "Hysterical Cold Side and Dark Memories " 2020

DOVE SONO I TUOI OCCHI – Nada Album "Dove sono i tuoi occhi" 2018

ISOLATION – Sepultura Album Quadra" 2020

WHEN YOU DANCE YOU CAN REALLY LOVE – Neil Young "After the goldrush" 1970

SHE USED TO LOVE ME A LOT Johnny Cash Album postumo "Out among the stars" 2014

HUNGRY FREAKS, DADDY - Frank Zappa Album "Freak out" 1966

AQUALUNG - Jethro Tull Album "Aqualung" 1971

CREEP – Radiohead Album "Creep" 1992

STREETS OF LOVE – Rolling Stones Album "A Bigger Band" 2005