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I love rock'n' roll

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STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU - Stealers Wheel album "Stealers Wheel" " 1972

BLUE SUEDE SHOES – Carl Perkins 1955

JEREMY – Pearl Jam Album

CANTO DI PRIMAVERA – Banco del Mutuo Soccorso Album "Canto di Primavera" 1979

DIRTY BOULEVARD – Lou Reed Album "New York " 1989

VICARIOUS – Tool "10000 Days" 2006

I WASN'T BORN TO FOLLOW – The Byrds Album " " The Notorious Byrd Brothers 1968

KARMA POLICE – Radiohead Album "Ok Computer" 1997

I love rock'n' roll

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FOR THE INNOCENT Villagers Of Ioannina City - Album "Age of Aquarius" 2019

ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER Live at Farm Aid 1994 Neil Young, Willie Nelson and Crazy Horse SO FAR AWAY – Dire Straits Album “Brothers in Arm” 1985 NOW I WANNA SNIFF SOME GLUE - Ramones Album “Ramones” 1976

NEW YORK CITY COPS – The Strokes Album "Is This It" 2001

WHITE BIRD – It's a beautiful day Album omonimo 1969

SON OF A PREACHER MAN – Dusty Springfield Album "Dusty in Memphis" 1969

I FEEL FREE – Cream Album "Fresh Cream" 1966

DEATH OF TWO LEGS - Queen Album "A Night at The Opera" 1975

I love rock'n' roll

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HELLS BELLS - AC/DC Album "Back in black" 1980

ROADHOUSE BLUES – Doors "Morrison Hotel" 1970

DO YOU LOVE ME ? - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Album "Let Love In" 1994

BUDDY HOLLY – Weezer Album "Weezer – The Blue Album" 1994

ROLLING IN THE DEEP – Aretha Franklin Album "Aretha Franklin Sings the Gerat Diva Classic" 2014

REBELION - Arcade Fire Album "Funeral" 2004

SOMETHING GOT ME STARTED – Simply Red singolo dall'album "Stars" 1991

THE WEIGHT – The Band Album "Music from the Big Pink" 1968

LORDS OF THE BOARDS – Guano Apes Album "Proud Like a God" 1997

99 LUFTBALLONS Nena Album "Nena" 1983

I love rock'n' roll

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A LETTER TO ELISE – Cure Album “Wish” 1992 4.32

MARTHA MY DEAR - The Beatles Album “Doppio Bianco” 1968 2.29

LOLA – The Kinks Album ". Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One. 1970

AIDA – Rino Gaetano Album "Aida" 1977 4.12

SWEET LOUISE - Iron Horse 1979 singolo

SWEET JANE – Velvet Underground Album "Velvet Underground" 1969

SEE EMILY PLAY – Pink Floyd See Emily Play/The Scarecrow 1967

THE BALLAD OF GERALDINE– Donovan Album "FairyTale" 1965 4.39

GLORIA - Patti Smith Album "Horses" 1975 5.56

ANGIE – The Rolling Stones Album "Goats Head Soup (Zuppa di Testa di Capra) 1973

SHEILA TAKE A BOW The Smiths Album "Louder Than Bombs" 1987


I love rock'n' roll

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THE BALLAD OF CURTIS LOEW - Lynyrd Skynyrd Album "Second Helping" 1974

CHAPTER 24 – Pink Floyd Album "The Piper at the Gates of the Dawn" 1967

HAND IN GLOVE – The Smiths Album "Htaful of Hollow" 1984

ZAWAL - Tinariwen Album "Amadjar" 2019

FOR MY LOVER – Tracy Chapman Album "Tracy Chapman" 1988

LA PRISIÓNManà Album "Cama Incendiada" (Letto in Fiamme) 2015

I WANT TO CONQUER THE WORLD – Bad Religion Album "No Control" 1989

STARWAY TO HEAVEN – Led Zeppelin Album "L.Z. IV" 1971

SERA DI GALLIPOLI – Pier Angelo Bertoli Album "Eppure Soffia" 1976


I love rock'n' roll

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RADIO RADIO – Elvis Costello Album "This Year's Model - 1978

RADIO GAGA – Queen – Album "The Works" 1984

RADIO – Rammstein Album "Radio" 2019

THE SPIRIT OF RADIO – Rush Album "Permanent Waves" 1980

ON YOUR RADIO – Joe Jackson Album "I'm the Man" 1979


RADIO FRIENDLY UNIT SHIFTER - Nirvana Album "In utero" 1993

RADIO/VIDEO - System of a Down Album "Mezmerize" 2005

LA RADIO - Eugenio Finardi Album "Sugo" 1976

GOD IS IN THE RADIO – Queens of the Stone Age Album "Song for the Deaf" 2002


I love rock'n' roll

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FORTY SIX & 2 – Tool Album "Aenima" 1996

MONA - Quicksilver Messenger Service - Album "Happy Trail (1969)

ABOUT A GIRL – Nirvana Album "Unplugged in New York" 1994

IN THE SUNSHINE OF YOUR LOVE – Cream Album" Disraeli Gears" 1967 4oto

NOWHWERE MAN – Album "Rubber Soul" 1965

FADE TO BLACK – Metallica Album "Ride the Lighthing (Cavalca il lampo)" 1984 7

CRUCIFY – Tori Amos Album "Little Hearthquakes" 1992

CARMEN COLON . Lucio Dalla Album "Anidride Solforosa" 1975

I love rock'n' roll

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ROCK N' ROLL SUICIDE – David Bowie Album "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" 1972

ROCK AND ROLL – Led Zeppelin 1971 Album "Led Zeppelin IV" 1972

KILL ROCK 'N ROLL – System of Down album "Hipnotize"2005

ROCK ME BABY – B.B. King dal vivo maggio 1964

I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL - Joan Jett and & The Blackhearts

ROCK AND ROLL DOCTOR – Black Sabbath Album "Technical Ecstasy" 1976

I HATE ROCK'N'ROLL – The Jesus and Mary Chain

CLEVELAND ROCKS - Ian Hunter Album "You're Never Alone with a Schizophrenic" 1979

ROCK AND ROLL – Velvet Underground Album "Velvet Unferground" 1969

album "Younger than Yesterday" 1967

ROCK 'N' ROLL ΣΤΟ ΚΡΕΒΆΤΙ – Παύλος Σιδηρόπουλος 1985 ( Pvlos Sideropulos Rock 'n roll sul letto)

I love rock'n' roll

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I WANNA ROCK – Twisted Sister Album 'Stay Hungry' (1984)

SHEENA IS A PUNK ROCKER – Ramones Album "Rocket to Russia" 1977

WE WILL ROCK YOU – Queen Album "News of the World." 1977

IT'S ONLY ROCK AND ROLL – Rolling Stones Album omonimo 1974

I AM A ROCK – Simon and Garfunkel Album "Sound of Silence " 1966

ROCK 'N' ROLL – Jerry Lee Lewis feat. Jimmy Page Album "Last Man Standin" 2006

THAT'S THE WAY I WANNA ROCK N ROLL – AC/DC Album "Blow Up Your Video" 1988

LA MIA BANDA SUONA IL ROCK – Ivano Fossati Album omonimo 1979

LONG LIVE ROCK – The Who Singolo 1972

HEY HEY MY MY (OUT OF THE BLUE) – Neil Young Album "Rust Never Sleeps " 1979

DEAD ROCKSTAR – Iggy Pop and The Stogges Album "Skull Ring" 2003


I love rock'n' roll

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TATTOOED ON MY BRAIN – Nazareth Album "Nazareth" 2018

LA MELA DI ODESSA Area Album "Crac" 1975

THE ONE I LOVE R.E.M. Album "Document" 1987

ACE OF SPADES Motorhead Album "Ace of Spades" 1980

ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST – Dire Straits Album "Communique" 1979

LOVE WILL TEAR US APART Joy Division singolo 1980

CROCODILE ROCK – Elton John Album " 1973 Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player

SONG FOR NICO Marianne Faithfull Album "Kissin Time" 2002