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DISORDER 05/10/20 (Gothic,Electronics)

Data di trasmissione
ROME:1)Making Enemies In The New Age
2)The Angry Cup
3)The Twain
THE SPIRITUAL BAT:4)Killing;5)Intimacy
NINE INCH NAILS:6)19 Ghosts III;7)20 Ghosts III ;8)22 Ghosts III;9)24 Ghosts III
LA 1919:10)Senza Tregua (1986 Remix)
WEIMAR GESANG:11)Light Tight Place (Hammer Version)
H501L:12)Stepping in and out of the Crooked Beats from the Giacomo Elettrodo Radioshows
14) Transmutation
15) Alkemia
FRANK FEAR:16)Hagen d & b ;17)Fade to grey