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Don't rush, just dub

Data di trasmissione

Trentaduesima puntata, della Stagione 21/22, di Militant Dub Area sul 87.9 di Radio Onda Rossa, con tante good vibes della sound system culture.

Puntata senza ospiti ma con alcune chiacchiere e la musica a cura del nostro Barabba per farvi compagnia.

Buon ascolto!

La Playlist:

Prince Far I - Go home on the morning train

Twinkle Brothers - Rasta pon top

Groundation, The Congos, Don Carlos - Babylon rule them

Roman Stewart - Rice and peas

Bobbo Shanti - Poor people must work

Peter Brogo - I a field marshall

Leroy Mafia - Just be cool

Aza Lineage - Plant up the herbs

King Kong - Peace and love

Dino - Reggae music attack

OBF ft. Shanti D - Part of my life

Jah Free ft. Juniah Kinky - Mama

Bob Skeng - Hills of the mountain

Dynamic Stepper (Bob Marley series) - Get up, stand up

Ray P - Kings of kings

Afrikan Simbad - Don't rush

Dub Hunters - Don't rush (dub)

Danny red - Roar like a lion

I Niverse ft. Zion Irie - Show dem