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DISORDER 18/02/19 Playlist/Podcast

Data di trasmissione

ANNA VON HAUSSWOLFF:1)Lost At Sea;2)I Am Leaving

ROME:3)Sacra Entrata
4)A New Unfolding

PSYCHO KINDER:5) Le Decisioni Impossibili
6) L'Incomunicabile
7) Panico

THE LUST SYNDICATE:8) Statement: Consenting Victims
9) Death Moves Towards Us
10) Utopia As Violence


TERENCE FIXMER:13)Shout In A Black Hole ;14)Fury

ANCIENT METHODS:15) Twelve Stones To Divide Jordan's Sand
16) The City Awakes

EXAGONAL:17)Giakart;18)Batteria Quasi Scarica