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DISORDER 09/09/19

Data di trasmissione
Durata 1h 47m 1s

THE SPIRITUAL BAT:1)Through The Shadows
2)Wandering On Cobble Hills
3)Silver Lakes

SHE PAST AWAY:4)Durdu Dunya
5) Disko Anksiyete

NINE INCH NAILS:6)Feel Like Being Dead Again ;7)Still Hurts (featuring Alicia Keys) ;8)Outro Skit

RECYCLE:9)Spagetti;10) Tutte Cose (outro)

PRG-M:11)Gemmayzeh Stairs
12)Voices from Mar Elias

DECREE:13)A Secret Thread;14) Cast Adrift

16)Nowhere Fast

GEISTFORM:17)Reactor;18) Nucleo;19)Tundra