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sonic youth - disconnection notice
giardini di mirò - trompsø is ok
velester - antiquarium

  beyond - senza senso
  calibro 35 - stan lee alternate version ft ensi & ghemon
  calibro 35 - stan lee alternate version instrumental
  ennio morricone - inseguimento e fuga
  ty segall & white fence  she is gold
  the mothers of invention - hungry freaks, daddy
  ty segall - first taste
  dead meadow - greensky greenlake
  dead fly buchowsky - the way she goes
  toy - conductors
  kinsky - child had to catch a train
  the black kaey featuring kenny brown and eric deaton - going down south
  six by seven - overnight success
  suicide - ghost rider
  dinosaur jr. - i meet the stones
  cobol pongide - vita da spaziale

612 comma 2 - damnatio memoriae
discharge - state violence/state control
discharge - realities of war
wire -  a touching display
the international noise conspiracy - under a communist moon