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buio tardi

Data di trasmissione
Durata 1h 57m 26s

nella notte buia, ascoltiamo a "colori": foschi, tenui, vivaci e cupi. + un ipotetico avvenire di 25 o'clock

ecco la playlist:
sonic youth - disconnection notice
desert sessions feat. libby grace - if you run
desert sessions feat. jake shears - something you can't see
tame impala - one more year
p. j harvey - hook
shellac - crow (1994 peel session)
shellac - the end of radio (2004 peel session)
ghost - oscillator + "la telefonata"
zeni geva & steve albini - i want you
zeni geva & steve albini - angel
russian circle - quartered
russian circle - milano
billy brag & joe henry - john henry
calibro 35 - superstudio
a certain ratio - taxi guy
malè (quim manuel o espirito santo) - senhor doutor (adam port edit/mixed)
malè (primal scream) - don't fight it, feel it (scat mix)
the international noise conspiracy - under a communist moon

down in the desert spazio musicale

Data di trasmissione
Durata 1h 2m 24s



Kendra Smith-Bold marauder

Hope Sandoval-Where did you run to

The Warlocks-Shake the dope out

The Black Angels-Sniper at the gates of heaven


Tuxedo Moon-James whale

Harvestman-World ash

Russ Tolman-Solitary man


House of Freaks-Whipping boy

Thin White Rope-Diesel man

Kyuss-One inch man