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DISORDER Playlist and Podcast 24/04/15

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5 anni 1 mese ago

LITFIBA:1)Guerra ;2) Luna


THE SOUND:3)Winning;4)  Sense Of Purpose;5)The Fire


IN DEATH IT ENDS:6)Thematic;7)Awakening


A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS:8)Supermaster;9)  Straight;10)  Love High


LEBANON HANOVER:11)The Chamber ;12) The Well;13)Chimerical


LAIBACH:14)Koran (Alex Smoke Remix);15)Resistance Is Futile (Function Remix)


8.58(PAUL HARTNOLL):16)Villain;17)The Clock


LEFTFIELD:18)Storm 3000 ;19) Open Up


THE PRODIGY:20)Ibiza; 21) Destroy ;22) Wild Frontier

DISORDER Playlist and Podcast 10/04/15

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5 anni 1 mese ago

IL MURO DEL CANTO:1)Serpe 'N Seno ;2)  San Lorenzo;3)La Spina


LITFIBA:4)Eroe Nel Vento ;5) La Preda;6)Pioggia Di Luce


OFFLAGA DISCO PAX:7)Parlo Da Solo;8)Piccola Storia Ultras;9)Desistenza


DEVO:10)Later Is Now ;11) No Place Like Home;12) March On


DAS KOMBINAT:13)Zusammenbruch;14)Deformation


THE FROZEN AUTUMN:15)Verdancy Price ;16) Sperm Like Honey


LAIBACH:17)Eurovision (Torul Remix);18)The Whistleblowers (Diamond Version Remix)


DISORDER Playlist and Podcast 03/04/15.

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5 anni 2 mesi ago

IL MURO DEL CANTO:1)Intro;2)  L'Ammazzasette;3)  La Terra È Bassa




CHRISTIAN DEATH:5)Cavity - First Communion;6)  Figurative Theatre;7)Mysterium Iniquitatis


DEVO:8)Sumthin' ;9) Step Up; 10) Cameo




THE FROZEN AUTUMN:12)Precious Lives; 13 ;Emotional Screening Device


PORTION CONTROL:14)Claw & Scrape




CHRIS AND COSEY:16)October Love Song


DISORDER Playlist and Podcast 27/3/15

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5 anni 2 mesi ago

LE LUCI DELLA CENTRALE ELETTRICA:1)Una Cosa Spirituale;2)Questo Scontro Tranquillo ;3) Punk Sentimentale


LILI REFRAIN:4)666 Burns;5)Sycomore's Flames


DEAD CAN DANCE:6)Children Of The Sun


DEVO:7)Fresh;8)Don't Shoot (I'm A Man);9)Human Rocket


LAST MOVEMENT:10)Your Icon(Luciano Lamanna rmx)




CONSEQUENSE:12)Martinet 2


THE FROZEN AUTUMN:13)Is Everything Real?


TERENCE FIXMER:14)Inside of Me ;15) Outside of Me ;16) Beyond


DISORDER Playlist and Podcast 20/3/15

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5 anni 2 mesi ago

LUCI DELLA CENTRALE ELETTRICA:1)I Destini Generali;2)I Sonic Youth;3)Firmamento


LILI REFRAIN:4)Elephants On The Pillow;5)Nature Boy


BALAAM AND THE ANGEL:6)Love Me;7)World Of Light


THE SOFT MOON:8)Deeper;9)Being


BORGHESIA:10)PIAS ;11) Police Hour ;12) More Resistance


NOTSTANDSKOMITEE:13)Der Zweite Angriff






TERENCE FIXMER:16)Fleeting Beauty Unforeseen


MEZIRE:17)Induction;18)Collector Part 4

DISORDER Playlist and Download 20/02/15

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5 anni 3 mesi ago

BJORK:1)Black Lake


SOFT MOON:2)Inward;3)  Black;4)  Far


SKIANTOS:5)Non Ti Sopporto Più;6)Kakkole;7)Sono Un Teppista


LIGHT ASYLUM:8)Hour Fortress ;9)Pope Will Roll


GRAFT:10)Causal Connections


CROSS HALVED JOINT:11)Closed Eyes, Chained Souls


BORGHESIA:12)Am I ? ;13)  U Crnom / In Black


MARTIAL CANTEREL:14)Cruelty Reigns Through Ages; 15)  I Fail Another Time


ZEN PARADOX:16)Forbode


MACHINE CODE:17)Trap Jewel 


DISORDER Playlist and Download 06/02/15

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5 anni 4 mesi ago



NEW ORDER:2)Crystal;3)Rock The Shack


ODESSA:4)Comrad ;5) Trouble


THE FROZEN AUTUMN:6)Citywards (Instrumental) ;7)  Polar Plateau (Aggravation Mix)


PARADE GROUND:8)Gold Rush (Live)


BORGHESIA:9)Goli, Uniformirani, Mrtvi / Naked, Uniformed, Dead;10)A.P.R.


ELYSIUM:11)Dance For The Celestial Beings


RASPUTEEN:12)Wie Die Geier ;13)  Alte Liebe Rostet Nicht ; 14) Wir Stellen Uns Quer


MOOGULATOR:15)In Synchrony (Adaption)



DISORDER Playlist and Download 30/01/15

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5 anni 4 mesi ago

AND ALSO THE TREES:1)Slow Pulse Boy ;2) Maps In Her Wrists And Arms


ODESSA:3)Dark Inside ;4) Attente


LOOP:5)Thief Of Fire / Thief (Motherfucker)


THE FROZEN AUTUMN:6)Guardian Angel ;7) Concavo - Convex


PARADE GROUND:8)A Day At The Park (Live);9)Hollywood (Live)


BORGHESIA:10)Am I? ;11) In Black




RASPUTEEN:13)Neue Zeiten, Neue Sieger;14)Männer Und Frauen;15)Blumen Giessen Vergessen


WINTERKALTE:16)Deep Sea Defenders (Live At Maschinenfest 2012)

DISORDER Playlist and Download 23/01/15

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5 anni 4 mesi ago

ARGINE:1)Dicembre;2)Blu Luce


LOOP:3)Collision ; 4) Crawling Heart




FATUR:6)Cosmik Punk;7)Aeropolis


PARADE GROUND:8)Entertain Me ; 9) A Day At The Park ;10) Marble Mind


THE FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON:11)Clear Light Of Reality;12 ) Plough


HORIZON 222:13)Spirit Level (Lost In Space)




OYAARRS:15)Slanu Nozimigums 2014 


NULLVEKTOR:16)Augen Auf 


DISORDER Playlist and Download 16/01/15

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5 anni 4 mesi ago



ESTASIA:3)Surya;4)Il Gange


LOOP:5)Vision Stain; 6)  Got To Get It Over


THE FROZEN AUTUMN:7)Faceless Names ;8) Ashes


PARADE GROUND:9)Gold Rush;10)The Net ;11)  Action Replay


THE FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON:12)Architektur ;13) Murmurations


ANTHONY ROTHER:14)Monophonia